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Nutrition Counseling

Get the nutrition you need and maintain a healthy weight by following the right diet.

caregiver giving food to a seniorA balanced diet is important to all of us, but it is especially vital to the elderly and infirm, in order to provide them with healthy bodies and alert minds. Due to income limitations, dietary needs and rising food costs, patients often find it difficult to prepare nutritionally-balanced meals for themselves. Our nutrition counselors work with clients to ensure that their dietary and nutritional requirements are being met. These licensed and trained nutrition counselors utilize their knowledge and expertise to ensure that each client receives an appropriate and satisfying balance of vitamins, minerals, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. To accomplish this, the nutrition counselor first researches the dietary needs and preferences of the patient. Armed with this information, and in accordance with the patient’s nutritional requirements, the nutrition counselor then creates a customized, specifically tailored meal-plan for the client, thereby making sure that this essential yet often-overlooked aspect of home care is met.

This is the right program for individuals who needs proper guidance with what they eat, to ensure a well nourished and balanced physical health. This is administered by a certified nutrition consultant or a registered dietitian. They will help you achieve your goals in attaining a better health by creating a personalized meal plan that best works for you.

To begin with this service, please set an appointment with our care managers so they can evaluate your care needs. You can also call us at 516-405-5910.