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Elder Home Care is a fully insured, full-service, home care services agency. We are dedicated to providing quality, personalized home care to elderly and disabled people throughout New York State. Our skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate team of professionals and paraprofessionals offer medical, nursing, therapeutic and social support services tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

A home health aide (“HHA”) is an individual who provides routine individualized healthcare services, in a manner unique to each client’s needs, for the elderly, convalescents, or patients with physical or mental disabilities. Through this invaluable assistance, seniors are enabled to remain in the comfortable environment of their own home while leading healthy and productive lives. Most HHAs use agencies, such as Elder Home Care, to find placement and to begin providing services to the patient. If your elderly parent or loved one requires assistance with everyday tasks but still wishes to live at home, Elder Home Care senior/elderly personal care services can provide the type of assistance needed, while providing you with peace of mind.

HHAs provide a number of different services for the patients in their care. When needed, they assist in basic tasks such as bathing, feeding, and dressing. They can monitor and remind patients to take their medication, assist with patients’ physical and occupational therapy routines and, in general, provide much needed companionship to the clients they are assigned to. HHAs are required to keep detailed notes of the progress of patients in their care and must promptly report any significant incidents that may arise to nurses or other healthcare professionals. Although they cannot perform all duties of a licensed nurse or physician, such as prescribing medication or treatments, they frequently carry out a doctor or nurse’s directives. Other duties an HHA may perform include light housekeeping, preparing meals for the client, running errands and scheduling appointments for the client.

All HHAs employed by Elder Home Care, undergo specialized training and are certified. In addition, we provide them with regular continuing education in order to keep them apprised of any relevant developments in the healthcare industry and to enable them to continuously develop their abilities as care providers. HHAs are compensated on an hourly basis, commensurate with their skill, education, and experience.